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Albumin Fit Natural Fish Extract Capsules

Albumin Fit Natural Fish Extract Capsules

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Albumin Fit Natural Fish Extract Capsules

- Increases endurance
- Accelerate the healing of external / internal wounds
- Helps the healing process in diseases:
Hepatitis, TB, Lung infection, Nephotic syndrome, Tonsillitis, Typhoid, Diabetes, Fractures, ITP, HIV, Grastitis, Sepsis, Stroke and Thalassemia Minor - As a replacement solution in the state of albumin deficiency
- Eliminates edema (swelling)
- Improve malnutrition in infants, children, and pregnant women
- Helps cure autism
- Accelerate post-surgery healing

Composition :

100% snakehead fish extract

How to use :

Health and stamina: 3x1 capsules/day

Minor illness:

3x2 capsules/day

Chronic disease:

3x3 capsules/day


60 capsules @ 500 mg

Produced by:

CV Inayah Gemilang Abadi

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