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Anthurium Mickey Mouse Seedling

Anthurium Mickey Mouse Seedling

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Anthurium Mickey

The tropical rain forests of Colombia, Guatemala, and the Brazilian Amazon region are native habitats for the anthurium plant. These epiphytes or air plants produce few roots and draw nutrients not from trees, but from air, water, and bird droppings. Replicating the tropical environment indoors allows plants to grow and produce until they reach a height of over 50 centimeters and thrive for at least five years.

Seed specifications:

  1. Original plant seeds from nurseries of high quality broodstock.
  2. Plant Height Size Approximately 20-30cm.
  3. Plant Age About 5 months.
  4. Can Be Planted In Pots, Or Ground.
  5. Every Plant Seed Accompanied by Phytosanitary.
  6. It's easy to live in all media, but the best media is the axis.
  7. Healthy and Safe Seeds From Pests and Diseases.

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