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Baytril 5% 12.5ml Drops Broad Spectrum Pigeons, Birds And Cage Birds

Baytril 5% 12.5ml Drops Broad Spectrum Pigeons, Birds And Cage Birds

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Baytril 5% 12.5ml Drops Broad Spectrum Pigeons, Birds And Cage Birds


Item Description
1. Baytril 5% Anti-infection, anti-biotic
2. Net 12.5 ml
3. The composition of each ml contains enrofloxacin 5ml drug only for animals

1. Relieve flu in reptiles
2. Fast and perfect absorption
3. Quickly distributed throughout body tissues
4. Works fast on the cell nucleus
5. Broad spectrum (Gram positive, Gram negative, Mycoplasma) Increase the work of white blood cells
Levels in the body above MPC (Mutant Prevention Concentration) which will prevent
occurrence of resistance
6. Very good solubility and stability in water
7. Does not affect appetite and drinking tortoise
8. Treatment and control of diseases caused by Gram positive, Gram negative or bacteria
Mycoplasma such as Colibacillosis, CRD complex, Coriza, Salmonellosis, Cholera, etc
Can be used for pneumonia / flu on the tortoise

• Coccidiosis
• Salmonellosis
• Infections caused by bacteria
• Respiratory infections.
• Diarrhea.
• Gastrointestinal infections
• Ornithosis

- 3-4 drops per pigeon straight to the top (2 drops on birds): 2 times a day

- 12.5ml

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