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CROTON CODIAEUM Variegatum Apple Yellow stone

CROTON CODIAEUM Variegatum Apple Yellow stone

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CROTON CODIAEUM Variegatum Apple Yellow stone

Croton Codiaeum Variegatum Apple Yellow stone is an ornamental plant popular for its vibrant, golden foliage. It features bright green leaves with yellow and gold streaks along the center, adding a cheerful, sunny touch to any garden or interior space. Compact and easy to care for, this plant is perfect for adding a stunning splash of color.

Seed specifications:

  1. Original plant seeds from quality nurseries.
  2. Plant Height Size Approximately 20-30cm.
  3. Plant Age About 5 months.
  4. Can Be Planted In Pots, Or Ground.
  5. Every Plant Seed Accompanied by Phytosanitary.
  6. It's easy to live in all media, but the best media is the axle media type.
  7. Healthy and Safe Seeds From Pests and Diseases.

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