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Grafted Red LYCHEE seedling

Grafted Red LYCHEE seedling

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Grafted Red lychee seedling

Of course, you already know at a glance what the lychee looks like. But this time we will discuss about the kom lychee plant with its characteristics, benefits and how to plant this plant. Lychee kom itself actually comes from the land of China or China. This plant, which has the Latin name Litchi chinensis, is almost the same as the longan plant. But one thing that distinguishes it is that the kom lychee has red fruit.

Kom lychee itself has a round-shaped fruit with a red color as its characteristic. The surface of the kom lychee fruit is not hairy and slightly rough. Most likely this plant can be found in the lowlands with regular temperature intensity. So what are some of the more specific characteristics of this one plant and how do you cultivate seeds from lychee kom? Let's talk.

Characteristics of the Lychee Plant Kom
Plants / Seeds of lychee kom can grow in the lowlands around 0 to 700 meters above sea level with temperatures of 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. The kom lychee has compound and pinnate leaves with an elliptical shape, almost the same as longan leaves. The kom lychee tree itself grows and has a height of about 5 to 6 meters. In addition, the physique of the kom lychee tree is almost the same as the longan, but the only difference is the color of the fruit.

The kom lychee plant itself has many diverse benefits for the health of the body, including maintaining heart health so that it stays healthy, being able to prevent cancer. Then it is able to kill toxins and bad bacteria in the body. So that the kom lychee plant is highly recommended for consumption so that it is good for digestion. And no less important, kom lychee contains phosphorus which can maintain bone density and health.

Procedure for Planting Lychee Seeds
The first thing that must be considered in planting lychee plants is to choose seeds in good condition. This is very important because whether or not the selected seeds will affect the growth of the plant itself. It's easy to plant this kom lychee can be done in open soil media with a planting hole of about 60cm more. Kom lychee itself is a plant that can be said to be wasteful of water. You can take advantage of rainy weather or water yourself until the plants are 3 years old.

To support maximum growth, you need to make regular efforts to care and fertilize about once every four months. This was done together with the seeds of lychee kom, which have entered the age of two months. Of course, it is very easy and fast to plant seeds and get crops from this kom lychee plant. So, are you interested in cultivating lychee kom? Do it the right way of planting so that the results are good and maximum.

Seedling specifications:

  1.  Original plant seeds as a result of grafting from broodstock that have bear fruit.
  2.  Plant Height Size Approximately 40cm.
  3.  Age of grafting 5 months.
  4.  Can Be Planted In Pots, Or Soil.
  5.  Every Plant Seed Accompanied by Phytosanitary.
  6.  Fast fruiting 1-2 years.
  7.  Healthy and Safe Seeds From Pests and Diseases.

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