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GUAVA Red Diamond Sukun Grafted Seedlings

GUAVA Red Diamond Sukun Grafted Seedlings

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GUAVA Red Diamond Sukun

These GUAVA Red Diamond Sukun grafted seedlings are an excellent choice for anyone looking to cultivate one of the sweetest and most delicious guava varieties. Their thick, red flesh is sure to be a hit, and their seeds are much smaller than other types of guava.

Seedling specifications:

  1.  Original plant seeds as a result of grafting from broodstock that have bear fruit.
  2.  Plant Height Size Approximately 40cm.
  3.  Age of grafting 5 months.
  4.  Can Be Planted In Pots, Or Soil.
  5.  Every Plant Seed Accompanied by Phytosanitary.
  6.  Fast fruiting 1-2 years.
  7.  Healthy and Safe Seeds From Pests and Diseases.

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