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Insulin Leaf Capsules Herbal For Diabetes

Insulin Leaf Capsules Herbal For Diabetes

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Insulin Leaf Capsules Herbal For Diabetes

Insulin Leaf Extract Capsules

To Help Cure Diabetes

The insulin leaf plant has the scientific name Smallanthus sonchifolia which is very beneficial for people with diabetes or diabetes because it is rich in insulin, which is why it is called INSULIN LEAVES. Insulin can reduce sugar levels significantly after taking INSULIN LEAF regularly.

This insulin leaf treatment must also be accompanied by a sugar diet.

The benefits include:
1. Prevent and treat diabetes
2. Lowering Triglyceride levels in the blood
3. Heal the body and improve health
4. Anti Murodial for kidney and bladder infections
5. Anti-oxidant
6. Heart booster

100% Insulin Leaf Extract

How to use :
- Prevention: 2 x 2 capsules per day
- Treatment: 2 x 3 capsules per day
- Drink after eating or before going to bed at night

60 capsules @500mg

POM TR 203 337 991

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