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LABISIA Turtle Back Plants

LABISIA Turtle Back Plants

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LABISIA Turtle Back Plants

The LABISIA Turtle Back Plant is a low-maintenance, ornamental foliage plant. Its slow-growing nature and distinctive foliage make it an excellent choice for decor that requires minimal effort. Its ripple-like foliage easily maintains its shape for months, creating an elegant look that will last.

Seed specifications:

  1. Original plant seeds from nurseries of high quality broodstock.
  2. Plant Height Size Approximately 20-30cm.
  3. Plant Age About 5 months.
  4. Can Be Planted In Pots, Or Ground.
  5. Every Plant Seed Accompanied by Phytosanitary.
  6. It's easy to live in all media, but the best media is the axis.
  7. Healthy and Safe Seeds From Pests and Diseases.

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