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CV Albiruni Sukses Bersinar

Neo Abibet Herbal Overcome Diabetes 50 Capsules

Neo Abibet Herbal Overcome Diabetes 50 Capsules

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Neo Abibet Herbal Overcome Diabetes 50 Capsules

Description :
Neo Albibet is a herbal concoction which is a blend of Middle Eastern herbs with native Indonesian herbs. Both, empirically, have been tested to have the ability to help overcome diabetes. ALBIBET's treatment method not only lowers blood sugar, but also repairs dysfunctional organs such as the Pancreas and Liver. In addition, ALBIBET also helps increase body immunity. With this method diabetics will recover faster. Therefore, entrust your diabetes treatment only to ALBIBET, Herbal Diabetes Medicine.

Benefit :
Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus.

How to use :
3 x a day 2 capsules
Drink 1 hour before eating

Composition :
Habbatusauda (black cumin) nigella sativae semen 200mg
Tapakdara catharanty roseus herb 60 mg
Temulawak curcuma xantorizza rhizome 150 mg
Herbal physalis peruviana dip 100 mg

Manufacture :
CV. Albiruni Sukses Bersinar

POM TR. 103 310 781

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